Out now: OASE 110, The Project of the Soil

Soil can no longer be conceptualised as a neutral surface. It demands to be understood as a living, dynamic and processual ‘thickness’ – as a volume in four dimensions. Soils, although degraded and fragmented, require a new gaze. They need to be rearticulated in a new project of space aimed at the construction of a shared, productive and inhabited nature. All forms of urbanity contain strong ecological potential and are all, today, the testing ground on which to reconceive new relations among soil, city and society.

OASE 110 is dedicated to the radical transformation that open space is experiencing and will increasingly experience in the future, in relation to the recognition of soil as a fundamental resource and as a powerful tool to reframe the urban project. This issue of OASE collects a series of ‘insights from the frontlines’, a series of voices testifying to a radical transformation on the border between urbanism and architecture.