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We do translation and editing work for exhibitions and publications of the museum/archive/library CIVA in Brussels. In 2021, we worked on the exhibition and publications of the Institution Building project

PhD Jurjen Zeinstra

PhD dissertation by Jurjen Zeinstra, The Perspective Drawings of Heinrich Tessenow (Delft University of Technology, 2022)

PhD Joost Grootens

PhD dissertation by Joost Grootens, Blind Maps and Blue Dots (Leiden University, 2020)

IABR – International Architectuur Biënnale Rotterdam

Since the fourth edition in 2012, we have translated and edited the catalogues and exhibitions for the IABR, in Dutch and English We are now working on edition 10, which will open in autumn 2022

Annual Newspaper of the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam

Since edition 2018-2019 we’ve provided the translation and copy-editing of the Annual Newspaper of the AvBA

PhD Koenraad Danneels

PhD dissertation by Koenraad Danneels, From Sociobiology to Urban Metabolism: The Interaction of Urbanism, Science and Politics in Brussels(1900-1978), (University of Antwerp/KU Leuven, 2021)

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